Corpus Viderum (PREMIERING @ VIVID SYDNEY 2022)


“Corpus Viderum” (Latin: A body seen) presents an A.I. augmented reimagining of the sacred music and art of the High Gothic period.

The work consists of a fully improvised, multi-channel musical performance using sounds produced by A.I. models “trained” on medieval choirs and free-hanging LCD panels, creating a triptych of dynamic stained-glass. The windows display material generated by additional A.I models trained on thousands of photographs of Gothic glass panels. Light pours through these windows and is transformed, flooding the space with ever-evolving colour.

Corpus Viderum is a roughly one-hour long performance of sacred “machine hallucinations”. The work both envelopes the audience in a dense vocal soundscape, as well as immersing them in kaleidoscopic light reacting in real-time to the soundtrack’s dynamics. The space and the audience are integrated into the work, becoming canvases of light.